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Wheako is an online learning system that uses various activities to help with understanding of the following:

  • General Māori Perspective, Language Origins, Karakia, Alphabet and Vocabulary, Dialects
  • Instructional Language and Sentence Structure Information
  • Pepehā
  • Sentence Structures
  • Mihimihi – build your own speech
  • Advanced learners and NCEA learners
  • Tangata Template - includes 30 specific lessons

How will you learn? 

Wheako is created for all learners and with over 15 years teaching experience, we have developed a robust and fun way of learning:

  • Video lessons, to understand sentence structures, hear pronunciation and view how sentences are translated.
  • Various activities to consolidate learning
  • Testing and Revising
  • Specific Learning Outcomes
  • Quizlet integration
  • Progress monitoring
  • Contextual Templates for NCEA
  • Sections are continually updated and improved
  • Completion Certificates

Akonga includes these courses

Erena Activities , Pourewa, Translating practise, Pronouns, Possessives
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Akonga 6: Haerenga - Communicate about a trip
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Akonga 5: Communicate about self and others
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Akonga 3: Describing, Origin Sentences, Hawaiki, Te ika a Māui, Aotearoa, Pepeha
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Akonga 4: Location & Actions, Tangata Whenua, Pōwhiri, Mihimihi
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Akonga 2: Instructions, Structures, Translating Process
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